White Chocolate Peanut Butter & Caramelized Banana Sandwich


Sometimes you don’t need a fussy recipe to have something amazingly delicious.

Take this sandwich, for example.  Yes, it’s a tiny bit more complicated than smearing some peanut butter and jam on a piece of bread, but only slightly.  Seriously.  I made one for breakfast, and it took no time at all.


I hate to even post something so simple, but what if someone out there hasn’t ever learned the fine art of sandwich making?  What if just one poor soul has never tasted a caramelized banana?  What if someone didn’t realize that White Chocolate Peanut Butter exists?

It does.


Honestly, I had no idea.  Not until last week, when I was catching up on Twitter and stumbled right into the e-door of Peanut Butter and Company.  Normally, I am not a peanut butter fan.  You see, I got siiiick off of peanut butter while pregnant, and since then? Well, let’s just say it doesn’t do much for me.  But I WANT to love it.  I WANT to make peanut butter balls, peanut butter tortes, peanut butter frosting.  I want to, I WANT to.  And so I asked them…Can you make me love peanut butter again?set

They took the task to heart.

A few days later, a box showed up on my door packed to the gills with 6 different peanut butter varieties.  Jon and I sat down and tasted from each of them.  It was incredible!  My absolute favorite was this one – the White Chocolate Wonderful.  It’s the subtle sweetness of the white chocolate that does it for me…it cuts the peanut butter into something candylike, so fresh and creamy and delicious.  So, this morning while half asleep, it hit me…this is what I am making for breakfast.

White Chocolate Peanut Butter and Caramelized Banana Sandwiches.

No real recipe here, just a guide to help the kitchen newbie out.  Or that young man who may want to impress his pretty new girlfriend who finally let him stay over… In the case that young men are still capable of romance outside of texting.  And hopefully not wearing skinny jeans.  I don’t get that.  Men.  In skinny jeans.  Unless you’re a Jonas Brother or from Great Britian, I’d say it’s a no, but who am I?  I just don’t see the attraction when a man has to lay flat on his back and wiggle into pants like a woman.  And even I don’t do that anymore, as I realized you can cut the tag out of your jeans before your husband sees what size they are.  So buy a bigger pair.  No one needs to know.pb


Okay.  The sandwich.

First things first, you need the peanut butter.  You can get it here, at Peanut Butter and Company.  It’s worth every penny, I tell you.  White Chocolate Wonderful – and they definitely got the name right.  You’ll also need a banana per sandwich, and two slices of big thick white bread per sandwich as well.  Homemade would be amazing, but a loaf of old fashioned white would be just fine.  You’ll also need a couple tablespoons of butter for frying the sandwiches, and a couple tablespoons of sugar for caramelizing the bananas.

Now that you have your ingredients, let’s get started. Number one, slice the bananas.  I first cut my banana in half lengthwise, and then made long slices out of the halves.  Spread as much of the peanut butter on one of the bread slices as you think you would like, then lay the banana slices on the peanut butter.  Sprinkle some sugar atop the bananas, then, using your kitchen torch, hit the sugar until it bubbles and browns.


Place a tablespoon or so of butter in a skillet (nonstick works best for me), and get it nice and hot.  Add the banana topped piece of bread to the buttered skillet, and then place the plain slice of bread on top, making your sandwich.  Once the bottom piece of bread appears as brown as you would like, use a spatula to lift the sandwich, add a bit more butter to the pan, and then flip your sandwich.  Remove once both sides are nice and brown.

Serve and enjoy!


Things that might make this a little easier on you, plus, they are all part of the Amazon 4 for 3 Promo, meaning, buy FOUR things, mix and match, and you only pay for 3 of them!  Sweet!:


Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post.  I was supplied samples of peanut butter, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I need this like whoa.

  2. WOW…all I can say is, “Yum. Yum. Potassium”. This looks absolutely amazing and i will try it soon.

  3. Wow – we adore pb and banana…but the white chocolate wonderful!? We HAVE to try this! Amazing!

  4. Some grocery stores carry Peanut butter & Co… I’m in KY and can get it at Kroger and Walmart! So check out the grocery store!

  5. Sounds and looks yummy, though, I’d probably find a way to add some Nutella :-P
    Have you tried the Peanut Butter & Co Bees Knees peanut butter with Honey? It’s our absolute favorite, but hard to come by here. If anybody can make you love peanut butter again, it’s them!

  6. LOVE this sammy!

  7. woahhhh…I need this in my life.

  8. Whoa! All of my favorite flavors in one gooey sammy, yum!!

  9. Never tried caramelized bananas but I eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches all the time. Very clever and thanks for sharing!

  10. Dear god that is heaven for me right there.
    I’ve seen this brand sold at Target, just fyi

  11. Those caramelized bananas look incredible. I’ll have to try this with SunButter!

  12. Oh goodness. Ultimate comfort food right there. I want one for dinner!

  13. Wow! I will definitely have to order some of this. My kids would go crazy for it.

  14. Oh this website is NOT good for my jeans… I am ok with that, I am… :)

  15. Wow…i love peanut butter and banana! Will have to order that stuff now…

  16. I was not aware that white chocolate peanut butter existed. Now I feel as if my life is complete.

  17. I would love to make these, but don’t have a kitchen torch. Any recommendations? Just skip the step or do you have any ideas for an alternative?

  18. Oh my!! This is soo amazing, I hate that I’m now just about 2 minutes away from such a delectable snack. There goes my diet!

  19. i, for one, am glad you posted this straightforward delight–i’m one of the schlubs who didn’t know white chocolate peanut butter existed! swoon!

  20. I love this peanut butter. I keep a jar in my desk drawer at work, and I often eat it on bananas. I have all of my coworkers hooked, and my husband does too. If you put the dark chocolate kind in cooked oatmeal it tastes close to no bake cookies.

    I’ll have to try this sandwich.

  21. Dana Garland says:

    Wow…just wow!! I HAVE to try this! That looks so yummy!!!

  22. I don’t I’ve ever had caramelized bananas on a sandwich before, although I will probably make them in a skillet then add on the bread because I don’t have a torch.

  23. Sarah E says:

    WOW this looks sooooo good!!

  24. jezebelseven says:

    This looks fabulous. I’ve done grilled peanut butter before and it didn’t quite work for me, which I was surprised by, but this looks worth a try. I’ve tried a few of the other PB&Co. flavors but always skipped this one because I felt like there had to be a better use for it than just a hum-drum PB and jelly– I think it’s found a reason to come home next trip to Kroger!

    Plus, my husband won’t steal it off of me since he dislikes white chocolate AND banana! Score!

  25. I have never had a PB and banana sandwich! This looks amazing. And I have that PB already in my pantry.

  26. If Elvis had seen this recipe, he would have had his cook make it! I started to say peanut butter & banana sandwich, but this recipe sends the traditional over the top! I also feel a little guilty when I post simple recipes, but they are in demand and people (including me) appreciate them…thanks!

  27. Wow! Looks incredible…makes my mouth water, will be making it soon. We shared on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/pelliniUSA) after seeing shared on another page. Everyone needs to see this!

  28. I can’t wait to try this peanut butter

  29. Oh and i bet you this would be good in cookies

  30. Paula Lee says:

    Yum!! And YES their White Chocolate Wonderful is amazing!

  31. I don’t have a kitchen torch, what do you suggest I could do instead to caramelize the bananas? This looks so delicious and I want to try it!

    • doughmesstic says:

      You can place the bananas on a baking sheet and caramelize them under the oven broiler – just watch them closely! Good luck!


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