Candy Corn Recipe Round Up

Don’t shoot me…I am not a huge Candy Corn person. I LOVE the autumnal look of it, I love the photos. Basically, I love the idea of it. I just don’t love to EAT it.

But for many, fall simply revolves around the tri-colored confection, so I thought I’d get over myself and offer you a round up of some of the best looking Candy Corn recipes out there. See? I’m taking one for the team.

Have a favorite? Have one of your own? Link it here in the comments – we all want to know!

I am particularly impressed with this Candy Corn Bugle Snack Mix, from Cookies & Cups. See that candy corn in there? NOT candy corn. It’s Bugles, dipped to look like candy corn. I LOVE Bugles, and I MUST have some of this!


Of course, here are a LOT of other Candy Corn Inspired goodies I could get into:





How about some adult concoctions?